As part of the Commercial ProDocs package, you’ll receive:

Service Agreement Texas & Non-Texas
Construction Agreement Texas & Non-Texas Residential
Contingency Agreement Texas & Non-Texas Residential
Awareness Letter
Labor Warranty Certificate
Right of Rescission
Federal Right of Rescission
Texas 3 Day Right of Rescission & TBCC
Work Order Invoice
Change Order Worksheet
Change Order
Consumer Marketing Agreement
Material Order Form
Subcontractor Agreement
Independent Contractor Agreement
Independent Contractor Non-Disclosure Agreement
General Overhead Calculator
General Overhead Recap
Storm Damage Worksheet
Tax-Exempt Authorization
Generic Tax-Exempt Authorization
Uniform Multistate Sales-and-Use-Certificate
Texas Sales and Use Tax-Exemption
Substantial Completion Certificate
Purchase Order
Estimate Summary
Generic Conditional Lien Release
Generic Unconditional Lien Release
Lien Release
Sample Affidavit
Ten Day Demand Letter
Presentation Book
Written Notification and GC Letter
GC Cover Letter to Your Client
GC Estimate Cover Letter to Carrier
Letter to Carrier Naming GC
Subcontractor Work Order
Cease & Desist Order
2022 Mortgage Release #1 – 3rd Party Authorization & Pay Directive
2022 Mortgage Release #2 – 3rd Party Authorization & Pay Directive
Update Specifications, Legal Fees, Inferred Consent – up to specs 11-18-06
Final Walk-Through Inspection Report with 10 Day Implied Acceptance Note
Conditional Final Waiver Form
Conditional Progress Waiver Form
Unconditional Final Waiver Form
Unconditional Progress Waiver Form
Texas Statutory Conditional Final Waiver Form
Disaster Contract 2-24-2021
Disaster Contract 8-26-2021
Disaster Declaration Addendum February 2021 Texas
Disaster Declaration Blurb
Joint Venture Agreement
Texas Statutory Progress Waiver Form
Texas Statutory final Waiver Form
Texas Statutory Unconditional Progress Waiver Form
Construction Agreement Texas & Non-Texas Commercial
Contingency Agreement Texas & Non-Texas Commercial
Maintenance Agreement

These documents have been reviewed for Texas.