Your company may be at risk of bankruptcy without taking the necessary steps for protection by using…

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Contractor Pro Docs

Now updated with FLORDIA specific docs!

What Can Our Specialized Documents Do for You?

Clear Understanding

Ensures that both the contractor and the client are on that same page with expectations during the project, allows both parties to agree on all terms prior to beginning work.

Reduce Legal Liability

In the event that anything does go wrong during a project, you can rest easy that all of your legal coverage is in place to eliminate your risk of being on the wrong end of a lawsuit.

Solid Documentation

Having correctly worded contracts in the best method for satisfied customers and contractors that can continue to operate safely and confidently for years to come.

What are Contractor Pro Docs?

Contractor Pro Doc’s revolutionary two-part contract turns the industry standard contingency contract on its ear and literally turns it into a dinosaur.

THEY ARE SIMPLE CONTRACTS THAT WORK! We take the time explain, in plain English, the purpose, function and necessity behind every single clause in our contracts in a comprehensive instruction sheet. With your license, you’ll get full use of the documents for your company’s professional use and can omit or change the any wording that you’d like.

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Residential Package

The basic package for residential companies
$ 1495 One-time purchase & $95/yr for updates
  • Package Instructions
  • Service and Construction Agreements
  • Retail Agreement
  • Awareness Letter, Right of Recession Form
  • Work Order, Invoice, and Change Order Forms
  • Material Order Form
  • Purchase Order and Estimate Summary
  • Marketing Agreement
  • Subcontractor & W9 contract (for salespeople)
  • GC O&P Calculator, Storm Damage Worksheet
  • Conditional and Unconditional Lien Releases
  • Presentation Book
  • Cease & Desist Order
  • ... and more!

Commercial Pro Docs

Includes ALL residential docs + 2 BONUS agreements
$ 1995 One-time purchase & $95/yr for updates
  • EVERYTHING in Residential, PLUS:
  • Commercial Construction Agreement - $497 value
  • Maintenance Service Agreement - $497 value

Our Guarantee

We stand behind what we do and want to help you AVOID BANKRUPTCY because of an old-fashioned contingency contract!

We are SO confident in our product that we’ll refund you after 30 days if the documents aren’t useful to you!

We recommend you reach out to a Board-Certified Construction Law Attorney in your state to confirm that the documents are state-compliant.

If Being Saved From Bankruptcy Isn’t Enough of a Reason…

Imagine a warrior going to battle without a shield. How vulnerable would he be? The equivalent of a warrior’s sword is your pen. When you ink the deal, that secures a client.

The equivalent of your shield is your contract. This unassuming document protects contractors from the occasional unscrupulous consumer from screwing them over after they’ve put a ton of work into helping that client get a comprehensive scope of work and fair market rate for ALL their damages.

A really good contract will lock in even a relatively honest consumer. Once they realize that they have contractually obligated themselves to YOU to perform their work, they stop the foolishness.

Please note: These documents are compliant with Texas law. This means that they are 95 to 99 percent compliant with your state. You need to have an attorney tweak the documents for your state

Any questions, please call Steve Patrick or Deborah Baker.


Think of how much it saves!

How much would it cost to have a genius contract attorney create all these 20+ documents? Five thousand dollars… ten? And that’s if you were able to locate a construction contract attorney that specializes in roofing or insurance restoration contractor agreements.

How long would it take them, even if they knew everything to include? What’s your time worth?

We’ve been working on this package for over 15 years and honestly believe that our Contractor Pro-Docs package is the bargain of the century, especially considering the state of vulnerability that roofing and insurance restoration contractors are in.

Stop leaving yourself vulnerable to unscrupulous consumers with your own mediocre and possibly illegal, null and void contracts.

So, what are you waiting for? 

The majority of contract attorneys we have spoken to say contingency contracts are virtually unenforceable.

Here’s why: Basically, a contract is nothing more than a meeting of the minds – laid out in writing. The more specific the contract is, the more enforceable it is obviously. 

Essentially, the contingency construction contract is stating that, “We will be doing some amount of work…. to be determined in the future….for some amount of money…. to be determined in the future.” 

Can a contract be more vague?

And there’s another HUGE problem: Many of their contracts are null and void the day the client signs them.

Here’s why: The majority of states have some public adjuster licensing laws in place. To negotiate with anyone regarding an insurance claims violates these laws – its referred to as public adjusting without a license or sometimes UPPA – the unauthorized practice of public adjusting.

Stay with me here, this is critical. If your contract has ANY language in it like this at all, then it could very well cost you your business – we’re talking bankruptcy.

And according to Wikipedia, a full 44 states have some form of statutory law that makes public adjusting without a license a crime.

YES, absolutely! 

Let me share a quick story of triumph to tragedy with you about a major contracting company who were recentlyon top of the roofing contractor world with nothing but visions of continued success for their business, when theyexperienced a near catastrophic melt down practically overnight because they weren’t prepared with the necessary docs to cover them when things went wrong…

… A little background – a couple years back, one of the largest roofing companies in the US was sued by one of its clients – I’m talking these guys do 8,000 roofs a year!

No one could have guessed the potential ramifications that this small lawsuit could have for contractors nationwide. They had some seemingly innocuous language in their construction contract that stated that they would work with the insurance company to help with the consumer’s claim as well as other common, seemingly innocent wording.

The lawyer for the roofer’s client jumped on that and made the case that their contract was null and void because there was language in it for activity that was illegal in that state for a roofer to be performing – UPPA language.

The consumer prevailed in court and the judge not only ruled that the contractor’s contract was null and void, but also ruled that the contractor must return every penny that they collected for roofs and other work, done under this contract, to all property owners, in full, upon request of course – going back to 2005! What an impact on their business. The legal reason was, that since the contract was null and void the day it was signed, the consumer had never agreed to pay the contractor one red cent for the work they performed.

These documents are 95 to 99% compliant with Texas law but should be modified based on your location.

Consult an attorney before using these in a professional manner to guarantee you won’t run into any issues.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Steve Patrick.

After you make your purchase, you will be able to download all the documents to upgrade your business documentation and legal protection.